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So you've just ordered your hosting account and you are looking to install WordPress - good you're in the right place. We make this easy with our build in 'application installer'. 

Step 1:
Login to your cPanel account - the details for this will be in the welcome email. 

Step 2: 
Search for "Softaculous App Installer" - this will then load up the application installer suite. 

Step 3: 
Under the 'Top Scripts' section - choose "WordPress".

Step 4:
This will load an installation screen and give you a few options to configure how you want your site to be set up. 

By default, it will install to the /wordpress folder - so you would access it at http://domain.tld/wordpress/ - for most users, this isn't what they will want. 

To change this, you need to modify the 'In Directory' setting. 

Once you are happy with the settings on this page, press 'Continue' and this will install WordPress for you. 

Step 5: 
Once you have installed WordPress, we would recommend securing it further, there's a guide for "Hardening Wordpress" found here: 

If you require any assistance with the install, or securing your installation of WordPress, please contact our support team who can take care of this for you. Please raise a ticket here:

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