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Due to recent changes on our platform, unauthenticated mail is no longer allowed to exit our mail gateway. This may cause some problems with your WordPress contact forms if your mail is not being authenticated via SMTP. To resolve this, we recommend downloading a free plugin from WPForms called WP Mail SMTP. The plugin works by reconfiguring the standard wp_mail() function to use proper SMTP credentials to ensure your emails are sent successfully. 

Download The Latest Version Here:

Once you have installed the plugin into your WordPress site, you should activate it and then open the 'Settings' so we can configure the plugin.

Under the plugin settings - you should fill in the following values:

Setting Name Value Notes
From Email [email protected] This should be an account which you have created in cPanel - you can use any email address here, but it's usually best to choose something you will monitor.
Force From Email ON This ensures that your 'From Email' is used for all emails sent via WordPress, ignoring values set in other plugins.
Mailer Other SMTP We will choose 'Other SMTP' here so we can configure the plugin to use your SMTP/Email Account which you have created in cPanel.
SMTP Host This will be your cloud hostname, or your domain name. We recommend using the cloud hostname here - replace xxx in our example with your server number.
Encryption None You can select SSL/TLS here - but you will need to modify the SMTP port to 465. 
SMTP Port 25 By default, outgoing mail will use port 25.

If you have any queries regarding the configuration, or require further assistance - please contact our support team who will be happy to assist you further.

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