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First, if you have not done so already - place an order for the required SSL Certificate via our website.
Once you have done this, come back and follow the guide to installing this on your cPanel account. 

To configure an SSL Certificate: 

1. Login to the client area and go to 'Products' then click on your certificate. This will open up the configuration page for you to configure the certificate. Click on "Configure SSL Certifciate". 

2. Once on this screen, you will be prompted for the following information:

  • Web Server Type - This should be set to "cPanel / WHM"
  • CSR - This will need to be generated within cPanel (see below). 
  • Contact Information (NB: Your contact number should be in this format: +44.xxxxxxxxxx)

3. Validating your domain - you will have an option to validate your domain. Either via email, or by placing a .txt file in your public_html folder. The method you choose is upto you as to what is easier for yourself. If you get stuck on this bit, raise a ticket and our support team will be able to assist you.

Generating a CSR 
In cPanel, to generate your CSR you will need to login to cPanel and go to "SSL/TLS". 

From this page, choose "Generate, view, or delete SSL certificate signing requests."

You should then enter the domain that you are wanting to generate the CSR for, eg:, (replace this with your domain name).

Fill in the information, this should match the contact information provided in the client area.

Once you have done this, go back to the client area and paste this into "Step 2" as above. 

Installing the Certificate
Once the certificate has been emailed through to you, you should be able to install this. It is just a case of copy/pasting the certificate parts into the relevant places in cPanel - or you can use the "auto fill" option. 

To do this, in cPanel go to "SSL/TLS" then choose "Manage SSL Sites".

From there, select the domain from the dropdown menu, and press "Auto fill domain". This will fill in the relevant certificate parts for you automatically. If this fails at this point, you can copy/paste the certificate parts (these will have bene emailed to you). 

If you require any assistance with the SSL certificate, our support team are available to assist and will be happy to help out. Raise a ticket via the client area and we can configure this for you.

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