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This guide aims to provide a easy set-up "Getting Started" guide for users whom are not familiar with streaming to a SHOUTcast Server. Your set-up may need to be more complex than this guide details depending on your indvidual requirements, if this is the case please get in touch with our support team who will be happy to assist you further. 

Software Required 
To get started, this guide is going to use 2 pieces of software which are free downloads available online, see the links below for a link to the relevant websites to download these. 

Once you have installed the software above, open up Winamp and go to 'Options' then open up 'Preferences'.

From here, scroll down to 'Plug-ins' and choose 'DSP/Effect' - then double click on the 'Nullsoft SHOUTcast Source DSP' (dsp_sc.dll).

This will open up the SHOUTcast DSP Interface. 

Choose "Output 1" and fill in the stream details under the "Login" tab (these can be found in CentovaCast).

Server Address: This is either the IP address, or the hostname of your server. 
Port: This is the port you are streaming on.
Stream ID: This should be set to 1 if using SHOUTcast v2.
DJ / User ID: This should be left blank for the purpose of this guide.
Password: This should be your source password. 

Depending on your server version (SHOUTcast v1 or SHOUTcast v2) will depend on wether to "Use SHOUTCast v1 mode" (tick option at the bottom). 

Once you have filled in this info, go to the "Encoder" tab. 

From here, choose the encoder type - this should be set to MP3 Encoder for the purpose of the guide. 

The encoder settings option will depend on the bitrate of your server. EG: If you have ordered a 128kbps server, you should choose "128kbps, 44100Hz, Stereo". 

Once you have filled in these settings - you can go to the "Directory" tab and fill in your stream information. 

If you want your stream listed in the SHOUTcast Directory, choose "Make this stream public".

Name: This could be your DJ name - eg: zFastLee or The name of your stream eg: zFast Test Server.
URL: This is the URL to your website (if you have one).
Genre: This is the genre of music (used for listings in SHOUTcast Directory). If you are playing POP music, choose POP. etc.. If your stream is multi-genre, choose Misc. 

The other options can be left as they are. 

You should now be able to connect to the SHOUTcast server and you can confirm this by checking your "start" page found within Centova. 

If you have any issues connecting or are getting any error messages after following this guide, please contact our support team who will be happy to assist you. 

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