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Under the 'Auto DJ' section, click on 'Files' - this will open the File Manager, here you can upload your media.

Once in the file manager, you shoudl see 'Upload' at the bottom of the screen, click this and a box will popup which allows you to upload your files. You should press 'Select Files' and then choose the files on your computer you wish to upload to the server.

These files will then transfer, and you can see progress at the bottom of this pop-up box. Do not close this window whilst files are being transferred. This process may take some time to complete.

Once the progress bar has completed, press 'Close'. You should then see the files you have uploaded in the file manager. We are done with File Manager for now, so press 'Return' at the bottom of the screen.

Now to set up your playlists, you need to click on 'Playlists' under the 'Auto DJ' tab in Centova. You should then click on 'Launch Media Library'.

This screen looks similar to File Manager, but it has another purpose. Here you can create your Playlists for Auto DJ. Starting off, you should add media to the 'Standard Rotation' playlist.

To easily add all of your media to this playlist, click on the top artist, and then hold down 'Shift' on your keyboard, then click on the bottom artist (whilst still holding shift) and then release the 'Shift' key.

You can then click and drag the selected media in to the 'Standard Rotation' playlist at the side of the Media Libaray. Once done, press 'Return'.

If not already done so, under 'Server' press 'Start' to turn your server online. Your Auto DJ should now be active.

If you wish to turn your Auto DJ OFF - next to Auto DJ you should see what looks like a little STOP button, press this - and it will deactivate your Auto DJ. To turn it on, you should see the 'PLAY' button, press this and it will turn on.

If you have any issues turning Auto DJ on/off try 'Restarting' your server.



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