zFast Technologies Ltd is quite possibly the most exciting, dynamic player in the web hosting industry at present. We have the core aim of offering the best hosting products and services within the UK. We have a large customer base which rely on our services 24/7 for their hosting, email, online radio & more. We currently offer a wide range of web services which cover the entire gamut of web technology from design, to networking infrastructure.

Our Support

We have a dedicated team of experienced web professionals on hand around the clock, via ticket, email, telephone, or live chat to ensure that customers receive the ultimate web hosting experience. We are passionate about building strong relationships with our customers and our team of enthusiastic staff enable us to do so. We are highly experienced in the products and services which we offer and are able to resolve any questions or queries regardless of how complex they may be. Between the team, we have over 45 years combined industry experience.

We're growing...

zFast has grown considerably over the past few years as a direct result of our ability to deliver flawless hosting services at affordable prices. We currently service thousands of websites, online radio stations, and more. As a company we aim to work with our customers to ensure that we grow to meet their (sometimes) complex requirements and ensure uptime and reliability is second to none.

Our Network

zFast makes use of the latest generation hardware available on the market. Our cloud based platform is made up of multiple load-balanced clusters which all feature an 8 gigabit per second fibre-channel SAN fabric, which allows us to add additional capacity as the business grows. Our services are located in two datacentres in Manchester, UK close to our NOC team based in Manchester.

Any Questions?

We don't bite! If you have any questions regarding the company or our products and services which we offer we would love to hear from you so get in touch with us, or drop us a message via Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn!